South Africa Well Project

South Africa Well Project - IG (3)

This July, we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact on the families at Mosaic in South Africa, and we're so excited to kick off a new partnership project called "Live Well, Grow Well."  
For three years, the larger Cape Town area has been in a severe drought, causing the cost of municipal water to skyrocket. Those who can afford water have had to limit usage to basic needs, with nothing available for gardens and plants. Therefore, families are not able to grow their own fruits and vegetables or create soft grassy areas on which their children can play. These limitations have resulted in significant challenges for the community. 
So it's time to get creative!  
In order to address the need for water, we are partnering with Mosaic to drill two wells: one at the Mosaic housing community in Paarl Valley and another at the community center, which houses their afterschool program. These wells will allow Mosaic to ... 

  1. start a new garden initiative around the homes to harvest fruits and vegetables year round,  
  2. create 1-2 jobs for the mothers,  
  3. provide a safe and beautiful environment with trees and grass for the children to play,  
  4. save hundreds of dollars on water costs, 
  5. and prayerfully, eventually provide safe drinking water. 

What's the cost of the "Live Well, Grow Well" project? $12,000 ... and we're raising it throughout the month of July. We believe we can, and with your help, we will! 

Because of your generosity and kindness, we have already received more than $22,000 toward our $12,000 goal! All funds raised over $12,000 will be used to purchase vegetable plants and fruit trees, and a possible filtration system to provide clean drinking water for the children and their families, which is estimated at an additional $10,000. This means the project is fully funded!

Thank you for participating in the holy work of turning "a dry land into springs of water" (Psalm 107:35) and for your prayerful and generous support of this new project and Hopewell's annual Beyond the Walls mission campaign. Where there's a well, there's a way!

Check out the brief videos below that document the progress of this project!