Serve At Hopewell

Care Givers Ministry

When members of our church are in need of support or spiritual care due to illness, difficulties, or loss, Hopewell’s pastors cooperate with trained lay persons in caring for those individuals. Care Givers will become the follow-up person for further support (either in person or by phone). A Care Giver is a Hopewell member who is available to assist others in times of need, offering spiritual support and prayer. Additionally, the care giver may provide assistance with practical matters. Thus commitment to a “care recipient” is often short-term, but may be carried over a longer period of time, depending on the needs of the individual.

Courses and training offered by the Care Team are open to all Hopewell members and friends. If you should choose to join the team, we will make sure that you have training opportunities to prepare you for the Caring Ministry of your choice.

Ministry Leader: Sandy Ruth

Helping Hands

Hopewell’s Helping Hands Medical Equipment Ministry We are so very grateful to Diane Mowery for her faithful service over many years of leading the Helping Hands Medical Equipment Ministry. Diane has recently stepped down from this leadership role in order to serve in other ways. When you see her, thank her for a job so well done! And we are also grateful to Julie Straub for stepping into the leadership role of this important ministry so that it may continue.

If you have a temporary need for medical items, including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, commodes, shower chairs, grabbers, etc., you are welcome to pick up a loaner from the Helping Hands closet located beneath the chapel. Simply sign-out the piece of equipment when you get it and sign it back in when you return it; there is a clipboard hanging next to the door inside the closet for sign-out and sign-in of equipment.

For further information: contact Julie at, or Deb Boyd at

Praising Spaces

If you enjoy light gardening and/or interior design, this might be the ministry team for you! Praising Spaces provides seasonal changes by planting flowers in front of the church and providing clean-up after the seasons.

The team also maintains seasonal decorations throughout the church and provides decorating for special events in conjunction with other ministry teams. An annual highlight is the decorating provided by this talented team during the Christmas Season.

Ministry Leader: Pastor Vicki Pry (610) 269-1545

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team’s plan is to build a prayer foundation for all aspects of ministry, mission and related activities of Hopewell Church, as we build a house of prayer to "Help Christians Grow and Help Grow Christians."

We encourage the use of Bower Chapel on Thursdays during the day and evening as a place for quiet meditation and prayer. We thank God for the new "Prayer Room" which also provides opportunity for quiet prayer and meditation every day. It is conveniently located off the Narthex.

Ministry Leader: Nora Ringsdorf (610) 518-1130

Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team serves God by enhancing the worship experience using sound, light, and image projection. The team partners with other ministries to support the church's evangelism through singing, service recording distribution, website outreach, and offsite events.

The tech team invites other members of Hopewell with gifts in technology to become a part of this ministry. Training will be provided to a point where new team members are comfortable with the equipment.

Ministry Leader: Deb Collins (610) 269-1545

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry program is continually growing. As a result, we are always on the lookout for caring, committed adults to work with our youth. Tasks range from very low commitment (an hour or two) to much larger time commitments (ongoing for six months). Parents of youth are strongly encouraged to get involved!

Ministry Leader: Mike Banka (610) 269-1545

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministries program is a wonderful opportunity to help grow one of God's greatest gifts - our children.  We welcome caring, nurturing adults and youth to work with the kids. Serving opportunities range from very low commitment (annually or monthly) to much larger time commitments (weekly).  We welcome and appreciate many different skillsets - teaching, chaperoning, helping with administrative projects, serving on our Children's Ministry Team, photography at children's events, etc.  Please consider lending your time and gifts to help grow our youngest Christians in their faith.

Ministry Leader: Cheri Miller (610) 269-1545