Fall Speaker Series

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up this fall!

ZOOM links will be provided closer to the actual date of the event.

Priscilla Singleton

Priscilla Singleton, licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist, will share wisdom and encouragement with parents about how to best support kids, manage the change and anxiety of virtual schooling, and care for themselves as well.

Priscilla joined us for a Q&A session through Zoom. Click here to watch!


Gene McGuire

Gene McGuire’s life story is riveting. After receiving a life sentence at the age of 17, Gene served a decade in prison before experiencing Christ’s transformation and becoming a spiritual leader to thousands of fellow inmates. After 34 years, the unexpected happened: Gene’s sentence was reversed, he was released and now he serves in ministry and shares his testimony of God’s love, forgiveness and freedom.

Gene shared his story in worship and joined a Q&A session through Zoom.


Dr. Diane Chen

Dr. Diane Chen is a beloved Professor of New Testament at Palmer Theological Seminary with a deep love of God and a passion for teaching scripture. Most recently, she completed a written commentary on the Gospel of Luke and in 2018, received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching from Eastern University.

Dr. Chen has said that the whole gospel message can be found in Philemon, the shortest of Paul’s letters and she taught a one-session Bible study on that letter through ZOOM. Click here to watch!


Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is a non-profit organization made up primarily of Jewish people who raise awareness of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, foretold by the prophets. A member of Jews for Jesus was our guest at Hopewell on Maundy Thursday in 2019 and shared the significance of the Passover meal in a powerful presentation.

We welcome them back for worship on December 5/6 to share the meaning of the Feast of Hanukah and its importance to all Christ followers.