Here is what parents have said about our preschool. . .

Keshet Witmer
One of the reasons our family moved to Downingtown was because of the social and educational quality of the public schools. I had no idea we would find such a gem of a preschool here too! During our time at Hopewell I have been blown away by the attentiveness of the teachers to each child’s individual personalities, learning styles, and other specific needs. Our eldest son has hand tremors and his teachers here at Hopewell went above and beyond by giving us activities to do at home and helping us navigate the testing and therapy he needed to gain strength and confidence before starting Kindergarten. We are so grateful for such a caring, fun, and positive environment where our boys can grow in their love for learning and for God. We have been truly blessed to be part of the Hopewell Preschool family!

Lea and Jason Engle
My family has been lucky enough to send our three children through Hopewell Christian Preschool. Each of our children attended Hopewell for the Young 3's, Young 4's and the 5 year old class.They also participated in Enrichment classes, Nature Camp, Spanish Lunch Bunch and Lunch Bunch. To say that we loved Hopewell would be a vast understatement. Our children grew so much during their time at Hopewell, not only academically, but also socially and spiritually. Each teacher truly nurtured the children in their classes.They had great knowledge of childhood development and made sure their classes were on pace with where they needed to be developmentally for each child. In addition to their typical classroom work, we loved how Hopewell used their beautiful property to further educate our children. The outdoor classroom is amazing, teaching the children to flex and stretch their brains in different ways. As our youngest begins Kindergarten this fall, we can say with great confidence that our children were incredibly well prepared for kindergarten - not only were they ready for the new academic challenges, but also they had a great understanding for working as a class, learning together, and appreciating and caring for one another. These characteristics began at Hopewell. Our family will be forever grateful for this very solid foundation.

Jen and Chris Breitfeller
All three of our children have attended Hopewell Christian Preschool, and we couldn't have asked for a better preschool experience. Our children have had such positive experiences, where they each grew academically, socially and spiritually. We have heard the teachers say how they truly love working there, and it shows in everything they do. We love their welcoming smiles and their fun and engaging lessons. We moved to the area not knowing anyone, but Hopewell and the friends we made there became our family and we started to feel at home. Hopewell Christian Preschool is such an amazing community to be a part of. We are so thankful to everyone there who has helped contribute to our children's love of learning and development of their faith.