Caasi Grove

Caasi has been involved at Hopewell since 2016 and came on staff in November of 2020. Caasi is passionate about creating a safe space for student to be themselves. Caasi believes that students should have a space to be authentically and unapologetically themselves. They need those safe spaces to learn, grow, worship, share, discuss, and form a relationship with God. Caasi is the youngest of 8 siblings and has 20 nieces and nephews making him the self-proclaimed “fun uncle.” Caasi is passionate about mental health, communication, relationships, and the enigma that is the language of teens (or “teenspeak” as he calls it). In his free time Caasi writes music, plays board games, video games, and enjoys rooting for the Boston Celtics! His favorite thing about Student Ministry is hearing the perspectives they have, that he has never heard before. Caasi says, "Students teach us more than we could teach them, and for some reason I get to to this.  I get the absolute privilege of walking alongside them as they journey towards Jesus.  I’m so lucky.”