Haiti Update
In February, a team from Hopewell will return to Haiti. The cost of the trip will be about $1500 per person. The tentative trip dates are February 18th - 25th, 2017. These dates are likely to move a little due to flight cost/availability. We need to lock in the team with a $500/person non-refundable deposit by Sunday, November 20th.

There will be an informational meeting Sunday, October 23rd at noon in Room Adam. This February trip will not be Hopewell’s only trip to Haiti in 2017. If you’re interested in joining us in February or seek additional information but are not able to attend the meeting, please contact Jim Kreher (jmkreher@msn.com, 484.866.1399.)

Hopewell is in partnership with a Coatesville based mission organization, Breathe Partners, with whom we stay and work with while in Haiti.  To learn more about this organization, check out their website:  https://breathepartners.com/

The Situation in Haiti: from Hopewell’s Mission Team
Hopewell’s Team Haiti has been receiving updates directly from our colleagues on the island since Hurricane Matthew struck. They have been reporting catastrophic flooding, physical damage, loss of life and ongoing health concerns. They are also reporting that a significant relief effort is underway, but there are still areas yet to be reached by relief workers. The people of Haiti need our prayers. Current needs are massive. Future needs will be extensive as well. The residual effects of Matthew will continue to challenge the people of Haiti. Immediate current concerns include:
  • Food, and the possibility of starvation - 90% of the crops and chickens along the coast are completely destroyed. Much of the Haitian population was malnourished prior to the storm. Some areas necessitate food drops by air, a very expensive process.
  • Water, Sanitation, and Cholera - With the water in Haiti now contaminated, cholera is starting to spread. Relief efforts are currently working to set up multiple cholera treatment centers.
Hopewell is partnering with UMCOR and CPR-3/Breathe Partners, a Coatesville NGO, in ministry and relief efforts to address the needs. You can give with your regular offering, online (we added a special giving box) or by text – 610-400-1577; message box $XX Haiti. 

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In February, twelve people departed from Hopewell to begin a week-long mission trip to Haiti. The group included Hopewell members who have answered the call to serve (Shauna Ridge, Jan Smith, Carey Burke, Dick Pry, Vicki Pry, Steve Harvey, John Neider, Cynthia Black, Brenda Hummler, Denise Molzahn, Jim Kreher and Leslie Wildermuth). The team began its travel to Haiti with a late night bus ride to Kennedy Airport on Friday, February 14, 2014. Eight days later, on Saturday, February 22nd the twelve returned, having been blessed and changed by their experience in Haiti. From planting mango trees to exchanging stories of our journey with the families of Leveque, Haiti, worshiping Haitian style and playing games with children, God moved among these twelve disciples who wanted to be the hands and feet of Christ. The team is grateful for all the prayers that were lifted up for this mission. Hopewell UMC has stepped up to the plate to help those who have suffered and endured in this poverty stricken country. Thanks to God for using us to achieve his work.

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Personal Recollections

04-06-2014 - Shauna Ridge - How Beautiful the Feet - Haiti

04-06-2014 - Jim Kreher - Haiti

04-06-2014 - Jan Smith - Haiti

04-06-2014 - Cynthia Black - Haiti

04-06-2014 - Carey Burke - Haiti

04-05-2014 - Steve Harvey - Haiti

04-05-2014 - Leslie Wildermuth - Haiti