Advent Dreams

With enriching additional components from
COR Pastor Adam Hamilton’s publication, Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph
complementing and building on the original Advent Dreams curriculum.

Do you believe that God speaks to you in dreams?  

In this season of Advent, explore the Infancy narratives as we find them in the gospel of Mathew. Advent itself we might understand as God's dream for the world coming true:  in the arrival of Jesus, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And yet, Matthew's story of Advent and Christmas is told very deliberately in a series of four progressive scenes, each of which features a nighttime dream to human beings...  dreams which offer divine guidance, or warning from danger, or a challenge to try something new. If Advent is God's dream coming true, we might ask:  how do we ourselves (and our church) live into God's dream, and does God today offer guidance or protection or challenge to us in dreams?

2 Classes being offered, both led by Pastor Steve:

Sundays at 10:55 am, beginning November 26th 
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, beginning November 29th

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